Benitez misses Liverpool, wishes he had 70m to spend back then

“I think last year we were talking about £70m,” – Rafael Benitez.

He was speaking about Fernando Torres in an interview with BBC’s Football Focus (where the discussion would invariably have turned to all things Liverpool).

People were talking about maybe you receive an offer from another club. They were talking about £70m,” added Benitez. Perhaps he’s referring to a potential bid by Manchester City, who were interested at the time but couldn’t offer Champions League football to the Spaniard?

On Kenny Dalglish / managing Liverpool:

“To be manager of Liverpool is a dream for me. This time, I know that Kenny is doing really well.

I have to wait and keep watching games, but if you say to me in the future would you like to be manager, for sure, no doubt about this. When, that is the question. I have to move forward, anyway.”

Bet he wishes he had 50m / 70m to spend a couple of years ago, eh? I strongly doubt that the current Liverpool ownership would invite him back in the summer though, like Rafa said, it’s time to move on.