Babe Posts

alessandrapinho6-051-300x225For some reason, pictures of beautiful women are extremely popular. Obviously it’s all about the images, but the text is important too. Here’s how to write a post about a babe:

Find out as much information as you can about the babe. Be sure to make her connection to football clear. She’s maybe a footballer’s girlfriend, a TV presenter, a club model, a female player etcetera. Make it clear. Make sure to mention any interesting/controversial news stories she’s been involved in. After a paragraph or two of text, it’s time for the images.

Add images in groups of threes. Six to nine images is about right. Alternatively, you can just upload the images and then add the gallery under the text. It will automatically show the images in groups of threes and it is also recommended.

Make sure to include the babe’s name in the title of the post, and also in the paragraph or two of text.

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