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Gary Andrews works as a web publicist in London and writes on football and media issues in his spare time. Before that he worked in journalism covering, among other things, non-league football. He is a long-suffering Exeter City and Wales fan.

The business end of the business end of the season in the Football League

There are several ways to win a Championship. You can swashbuckle your way to the top playing good football and conquering all that come...

AFC Wimbledon quest for league football grows ever closer

As AFC Wimbledon fans took in a post-match pint on Saturday, it's unlikely the hands raising the pint glass had many fingernails left. But...

The Legacy of Hillsborough

Twenty years ago ninety-six people left home to go to a football match. They never returned, crushed to death in one of the biggest...

Saints Pray For Divine Intervention

When Lord Mawhinney last week voiced his fears that a big name club could go out of business if football's worst excesses weren't reigned...

Merthyr Tydfil: Footballing Martyrs living on the brink of extinction

A few days before England coasted to victory against Slovakia in World Cup qualification, Cardiff City cruised to a 3-0 mid-season friendly against Merthyr...

Scarborough rise from the ashes

As the business end of the season approaches, one promotion has already been sorted. Scarborough Athletic's 2-1 win at Teversal in the Northern Counties...

Conference title goes for a Burton

For the Conference champions-elect to lose at Ebbsfleet may be regarded as misfortune. To lose at home to Salisbury in the same week looks...

Weymouth FC’s Beer suddenly doesn’t taste so good

You have to feel for fans of Weymouth FC, you really do. A couple of weeks ago we told you how they'd been saved...

Luton Town: Looking for a silver lining in a game full of pain

Luton Town fans could have been forgiven for deciding to give this season a miss. At the start of the season they were docked...

Weymouth look to end the months of Terra

There very few teams that would view a two-nil defeat away at York City as a cause for celebration but Weymouth will view this...

D-Day approaches for MyFC and Ebbsfleet

A year to the day this Thursday internet site MyFootballClub.co.uk completed their takeover of Ebbsfleet United but any anniversary celebrations are likely to be...

Good Sports celebrate ten years of success

The footballing schedule wasn't the only thing the snow in Britain disrupted last week. The postponement of Eastbourne Borough's match away at Altrincham denied...