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Moved to Perth, Western Australia, 7 years ago, originally from Dublin. A lifelong Man U fan born 1 month before the Munich Air Disaster. Used to make long pilgrimages to Old Trafford and follows the EPL religiously, despite the annoying time differences to Australia! Married, no kids, 1 cat. Manages an engineering company where nobody supports football!!

The 2008 Soccerlens All-Star XI – The Best Footballers of 2008

For those of us who are consumed by football every year brings new thrills and disappointments, a million what ifs and if onlys and...

FIFA Club World Cup: If It Was a Horse They’d Shoot It!

So let me guess, you're sitting on the edge of your seat, fidgeting nervously as you await the final stages of the FIFA Club...

Gary Neville: Career On The Brink

It was the 17th of March 2007 and Gary Neville was heading towards his 7th Premiership title with Manchester United, his only club. At...

Chelsea let Manchester United (and Arsenal) off the hook while Liverpool blow the title

It's been a pivotal 2 weeks in the PL. Three weeks ago I suggested that if United failed to win at Villa their chances...

Aston Villa v Manchester United: Much More Than 3 Points at Stake

This match refers to an older game. Get the latest Man Utd v Aston Villa match details here. Much has been said about it being...

Arsenal v Manchester United: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Get the latest Manchester United vs Arsenal news. It was Benjamin Disraeli, the former British Prime Minister, who was credited with saying: "There are three...

Will United once again be the Catalyst for Arsenal’s Demise?

It was the 24th of October 2004. Arsenal had just completed the almost unthinkable, an unbeaten season in the Premiership. They started the next...

Respect, Honesty and the Big Bad Wolf

Much has been written about this season's Respect Campaign but I fear that it is doomed to failure. Respect, as they say, is earned...

Arsene Wenger: Legacy at the Crossroads

Football management produces stereotypes, geniuses, interesting characters and complete enigmas, in equal measure, but trying to fit Arsene Wenger into a single category...

Today’s Superstars and the Age of Maturity

We hear it countless times these days: "If he's that good at this age how good will he be when he reaches his peak?" And...

Liverpool View: It’s Either Good Buy! or Goodbye! for Benitez

Managers live and die by the players they buy. That has a nice ring to it but is ominously true in the high powered...

Exploring the Rotation Myth and Liverpool’s Real Problem

This article is a submission for the Soccerlens Football Writing Competition; to participate, please read the details here. The great rotation debate has reared its...