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Manchester United Transfer News

Alright then, down to what this blog is supposed to be all about — giving you front-row coverage of what's going down with the...

Arsenal vs Barcelona – Champions League Final Preview – Part 1

The following article refers to a previous Arsenal v Barcelona match - see the latest Arsenal v Barcelona news. Serious contenders? We're having a laugh! Paris,...

Football Pictures (on special demand)

A recent comment (about 20 mins ago by my watch) asked if I had any pictures of a fan putting Barca's flag on Henry...

The best man for the job

As soon as the media got wind of FA's excursion into Portugal to meet with the current Portuguese manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, the papers...

Arsenal vs Villarreal – Champions League Semi-Final Preview

It's almost time. When Arsenal and Villarreal go head to head in two hours time, I can't for a second imagine which team will fight...

Chelsea vs Man Utd – Let the battle begin

In some respects, it was bound to happen. With Manchester United's form in the last 3 years, it's asking too much for them to...

Arrogant Gunners

It's a shame to see such a talented side (managed by a visionary) fall to such depths of depravity now and then. Remember September 2003,...

An Open Letter to Jose Mourinho

Newsflash for Mr. Mourinho - if a team always played according to its potential, then it would be preciously rare for any team to...

Real Madrid – Some things never change

It had to happen - Madrid is (too predictably) going after big names again this summer, with Gerrard on the top of the list. One...

Will Henry pull a Vieira?

In the summer of 2004, fresh off a successful domestic campaign where Arsenal won the Premier League and set all sorts of records, Patrick...

2006 World Cup Schedule

I'm going to kick off this site by posting the event schedule for the biggest soccer event of the summer (well, I was going...