Arsenal Want To Sign Fab’s Kids

Cesc Fabregas is a wanted kid (as in Wenger’s kids, you know, I thought that was the proper term?) – Real Madrid have beaten themselves black and blue over him and given up, Barcelona continue to be linked (although the Spanish press will play that Catalan card until global warming sinks the Iberian peninsula, or at least the coastal areas) and even yesterday (technically some time earlier this week) they were at it, but this time in an interview with Fab Fab (he’s that good, isn’t he?) on radio.

Cesc, to his credit, diplomatically talked about what he thinks of (only about winning many titles with Arsenal), which would have been funny last season but will today be taken as vindication for Arsenal’s recent efforts on the pitch.

What’s interesting though is that he talked about how ‘Arsenal are interested in renegotiating his deal that currently runs to 2014. Is this because of the Webster ruling, or is it because they want to pay him megabucks just because Wenger pinched his pennies and now they have extra money to spend on wages? I don’t think that Fab’s the sort of lad who’d run after money, do you?

Or could it be that their contract involved an option not dissimilar to what Casillas and Raul have just signed with Real Madrid?

My second best guess is that if there is going to be a renegotiation it will happen at the end of this season, and is more motivated by the Webster ruling than anything else.

My best guess is that Arsenal want to breed Fabregas and mass-produce an army of lil Cescs to join the Arsenal academy. Stranger things might happen – it’s not that outlandish to consider ‘breeding’ athletes, now is it?