Arsenal vs. Manchester United – The controversial view point

Some of you will wonder why I gave this article its title. Well it’s because I have views on the above mentioned match which you won’t find any where else!

Is that a boast? Hell NO!

I’m just sick and tired of watching dishonest commentary on the game and reading more &%$# opinion from Manchester United and Arsenal fans all over the place.

Rant one: The myth that Arsenal taught Manchester United a “footballing lesson”.

Who told you? Since when did a one-nil victory acquired from one silly error from an opposing player result into a “footballing lesson”? I have since seen worse things this weekend like Hleb and Ljungberg getting ratings of 8 for their performances on some websites. What? Hleb’s apart form one tackle he made on Ronaldo in the first half was the invisible man incarnate. Baptista in his small cameo did far more in 5 minutes than Hleb did all night. Making Arsenal far tighter and contributing to the diminishing performance of O’shea in the second half. Ljunberg was in Neville’s pocket for 90 minutes. I dare you to disprove it…..

Rant two: The “accomplished performance of Djourou who kept Rooney quiet?”

Please! Any kid could see after only 10 minutes of the games Rooney was clearly out of match practice and far from fit. His 3 games lay off had clearly affected him more badly than Scholes. In fact his beginning the match was based on name not form at all. So how tell me can one judge Djourou as “good” when he was effectively marking an unfit and off form opponent?

Rant three: Arsenal deserved the win.

Did they have more shots on target than Manchester United? No! Did United’s keeper make more crucial saves than Lehmann? No! Did Arsenal have none of the defensive lapses like United had? No! (Remember Lehman’s throw for the “smash face incident” and Djorou’s that Evra stopped resulting in a fantastic save from the German). Last but not least; did they score form open play or a fantastic move? No!

So where did this footballing lesson ^%$& and Arsenal are not still in transition come from? If Arsenal plays their game in hand against a team that makes no defensive errors, expect no goals. They are just not dangerous enough and save for Rosicky and Baptista never ever shoot!

Rant four: Fergie made the wrong substitutions.

Please! Scholes who had been suspended for 3 games was on a yellow card and clearly tired and frustrated as a result of O’shea’s dwindling efficiency and his lack of match practice. Rooney was not at the races. Fergie takes them off. We start creating chances again, forcing two world class saves from Lehmann in the process. So if Ronaldo had never made his error, do you really think Manchester United would have lost? Blame it on the substitutes. How intelligent.

Rant five: The starting line up was wrong.

How? Carrick who people are rooting for was poor against Celtic for most of the game and like Rooney was also lacking in match practice. Does that amount to as some are claiming Fergie having no faith in him by dropping him for Sunday? As for Fletcher, he was excellent vs. Celtic so was Scholes. Rooney was Ok though but is not known at United for great off the bench appearances. So come Sunday the line up was obvious. O’shea had to replace Carrick, most especially because he was yet to have a bad game vs. the gunners and was the fitted of the 2 players. A striker had to be on the bench and Rooney wouldn’t fit the bill. And Fletcher surprise, surprise was in form and did perform vs. the Arsenal. So with the above facts was the line up wrong? Um?

The only thing I can say from this game is that Ronaldo’s mistake let Arsenal and Liverpool back in the title race if and only if they can win their respective games in hand. Plus United’s good start to the season was wasted since Chelsea are level on points with them and United have lost at home to one of the big three. In addition United’s defense without Vidic and Heinze is too damn sloppy. However all is not lost.

If before Manchester United meet the next big side, Carrick, Scholes and Rooney are back to match fitness and Vidic and Heinze are back in the rear plus Smith’s return to the bench will allow Solksjaer to play on the wing reducing the pain of Giggs’ three week absence. In all probability ending the O’shea in midfield experiment.

That’s not such a bad future now is it?

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