Argentina vs Mexico Match Preview

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Argentina have a foot already in the quarter-finals as the square up against goal-leaking Mexico at Leipzig tonight. If all goes according to plan, Germany awaits in Munich.

Argentina’s 6-0 thrashing of the appropriately named S & M has been the best team performance of the tournament so far, but apart from that Argentina have motored along in second gear, beating Ivory Coast as needed and drawing against Holland in a cagey match that was more about Marco van Basten’s excellent tactics than anything else. They are one of the favorites to reach the final although they need to display greater attacking verve against strong, defensive sides.

Luckily, Mexico are not a defensive side. They have a tendency to leak goals, and despite being all-effort and possessing good strikers in Zinha and Fonseca, they are out of their league against a side that has, along with Spain, one of the most balanced squads in the World Cup. Mexico will struggle to defend against the slick passing of Riquelme, Sorin and Cambiasso, and it will be interesting to see how far ahead Argentina are at half-time. Expect to see Argentina take an early lead before reverting to controlling the game and relying on fast counter-attacks.

Can the Mexicans cause an upset? Any team can win on its day, but Mexico were run ragged in their last match against Portugal, and on form and class, the Mexicans are nowhere near their best shape.

Match Predictions

Winner: Aregentina

Score: Argentina 4, Mexico 1

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