Adidas AdiPure III – A preview of Black/White/Red

Some great news coming from Adidas, as pictures of the new AdiPure III boot models are surfacing. This particular boot pictured below is a white/black/red combination, which is a it different than the old AdiPure boots, or the AdiPure III Elites. I actually own a pair of AdiPure football bloots, and there’s a lot of things I love about them, while some that I hate. For instance, they’re the most comfortable boot I’ve ever had my foot in, but also the heaviest I’ve ever played with. Nevertheless, I always loved the classic approach of Adidas with the AdiPure III’s, it is really my taste of design. I just wish they brought back the Kaizer 5 boot, it was a much much better boot than anything they’ve “innovated” recently.

Anyways, here’s a preview of the Black/White/Red AdiPure III football boot.

Adidas Adi Pure III Football Boot
Adidas Adi Pure III Football Boot

It looks great, and I could see this worn by many people. I actually am not the biggest fan of the red on the studs, I could do without it. Otherwise, it’s aesthetically appealing, and like I said, very very comfortable.

This will be for sale only in August, so hold on until you can get your hands on this football boot! When more pictures come up, they will be updated, so keep your eyes open about more info regarding this boot.