2007-2008 Premier League Kits

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Every year football fans are running around, trying to figure out what the new kit for the next season for their club is going to be.

To make the process a whole lot easier, I thought it would be a good idea to collect all the kit pictures for the Premiership clubs in one place.

Here’s a list of the Premiership club kits I have seen / found for the 2007/2008 season so far.

Arsenal 2007/2008 Kit

Arsenal will keep the same home kit as last season, but they’ve changed their away kit.

Arsenal 07-08 Away Kit – I think it’s fine, but a lot of Arsenal fans have come down hard on it, bashing it for its whiteness and what not.

You can also see the Arsenal 07-08 3rd Kit, which ironically has Barcelona colors and will be used for several away games as well as in Europe.

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Aston Villa 2007/2008 Kit

Under a new 4-year sponsorship deal with Nike, the Aston Villa 2007/2008 Home Kit is claret with blue trimmings, and is due to be launched in July. The away kit is rumoured to be a tribute to the 82 European Cup winning side.

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Birmingham City 2007/2008 Kit

The new blue & white Birmingham City 07/08 home kit is extremely well-done, and Umbro has built a nice track record with bringing out quality shirts.

It is certainly one of the better designed kits in the Premiership.

The white & blue Birmingham City 2007/2008 away kit is out as well – I personally prefer the home one because of it’s progressive design although a lot of people have criticised the white in it. For a newcomer to those kits it’s all a bit confusing as they look quite similar.

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Blackburn 2007/2008 Kit

The Blackburn 07-08 home and away kits are quite nice, although they really need to do something about their sponsor’s logo, which is messing things up (especially for the red n’ black away kit).

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Bolton 2007/2008 Kit

The whiteness is Bolton’s style, but sometimes too much white isn’t good.

The Bolton 07-08 home kit is fine though – maybe a few more trimmings and splashes?

I like their 07/08 away kit though – Reebok may not be the best sponsors but this kit beats plenty others in terms of design and quality.

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Chelsea 2007/2008 Kit

Chelsea’s 2007/2008 home kit is supposed to be the same as the 2006/2007 Chelsea home kit.

The Chelsea 2007/2008 away kit is “electricity yellow” and is easily the boldest kit this summer, even though Arsenal’s 3rd kit has gone with Barcelona colours and what not.

Chelsea’s 07/08 3rd kit is more ‘traditional’, white with blue splashes and the Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

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Derby County 2007/2008 Kit

Derby County’s 2007/2008 Home Kit is white shirts with black socks and black shorts, while the away kit is due to be a reverse of the home kit.

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Everton 2007/2008 Kit

Everton 07-08 Home Kit launches on 31st May.

The Everton 07/08 Away Kit is due to be launched on 12th July and is a white shirt with black shorts, traditional Everton away colours.

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Fulham 2007/2008 Kit

The 07/08 Fulham home kit reflects the club’s historic past with a modern revision of the all-white home shirt first worn in 1903.

The 07/08 Fulham away shirt is black and red striped, homage to the the 1974/75 season in which Fulham reached its first FA Cup final.

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Liverpool 2007/2008 Kit

Adidas have revealed the new Liverpool away and third kits for 2007/2008. I’m not too impressed by the white away kit but the black 3rd strip looks classy.

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Manchester City 2007/2008 Kit

The Manchester City 07/08 home kit launches on June 9. It’s a decent kit and a departure from contemporary fashion by going for a thin-striped look.

Overall, looks good, but could have been better. It also helps that they have a new sponsor.

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Manchester United 2007/2008 Kit

The most-awaited kit on this list, the Manchester United 07/08 Home Kit is here.

Highlights? Launches on 1st August (Man Utd vs Inter friendly at Old Trafford), red shirt with white shorts and black socks, blue kit for the keepers and … yes, there’s a good chance that the hideous stripe going down the back suggested on some pics is not there.

The Manchester United 07/08 away kit is black, launches in September and looks really good.
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Middlesbrough 2007/2008 Kit

Middlesbrough’s 07/08 home and away kits are manufactured by Errea and have a new sponsor in Sat-Nav, both of which have been the butt of many jokes.

Not ‘bad’ kits per se, but definitely one of the weaker sets in the 07/08 season in terms of kit quality.

Newcastle United 2007/2008 Kit

The new Newcastle United 2007/2008 home kit was out in March 07 – it’s an inverted version of the 06-07 strip, with the badge in the center and less stripes.

The Newcastle 2007/2008 Away Kit, though, is a different story. They’ve gone with the light blue colours of Newcastle but ended up with a Man City home kit. No, it still says Northern Rock. But wait, that’s Joey Barton modeling the kit!

It’s all quite confusing.

And then there’s the Newcastle United 07/08 3rd kit, white with blue splashes – not a bad kit at all.

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Portsmouth FC 2007/2008 Kit

Portsmouth’s 2007/2008 Home Kit launches on 19th July.

The Portsmouth 07/08 Away Kit launched on 3rd August, while the the 3rd kit will be released on 3rd September.

Reading FC 2007/2008 Kit

The Reading FC 2007/2008 away kit has been released – looks good, even though it’s gray and gray. Launches on July 7th.

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Sunderland 2007/2008 Kit

The new Sunderland 2007/2008 away kit launches on June 28, with the home kit due on July 28.

The away strip is all-white, and clashes with at least one other Premiership home kit (that of Bolton). On the other hand, the Sunderland away strip looks far better than the Bolton one, so may we can ask them to change to the 3rd kit instead? 🙂

The Sunderland 2007/2008 home kit is the traditional red&white rounded off with black shorts and black socks (the black balances the red very well and makes the kit looker better than the shirt alone would).

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Tottenham Hotspur 2007/2008 Kit

All four Spurs 07-08 kits look decent, although the 125th anniversary shirt raised a few questions and IMO the away kit is very classy.

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West Ham 2007/2008 Kit

The West Ham 2007/2008 Home Kit has been launched, and like the other Umbro kits it’s well-done and the colors have a good contrast on them. West Ham have new sponsors in XL airways as well.

West Ham’s 07/08 away kit is quite good too – and the XL airways logo on it looks better than on the home shirt.

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Wigan Athletic 2007/2008 Kit

Wigan’s 07/08 home shirt is snazzy and done up by Umbro, so expect the usual frills on the side.

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Club Crests

It’s also worth noting that there are three clubs with new crests – Aston Villa, Derby County and Middlesbrough.

New Aston Villa Crest
New Derby County Crest
New Middlesbrough Crest

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