The Ten Most Popular Club Jerseys In US in 2014/15

Football, or Soccer, as they call it, is fast becoming one of the major popular sports in USA, if not already.

People in this country had watched the the 2014 World cup in record numbers, while stats suggest that USA brought more fans to the tournament in Brazil than any other nation.

Over 16 million people watched USA’s heart breaking exit from the World Cup at the hands of Belgium, on ESPN alone. However, the substantial viewership wasn’t simply limited to watching the home team; the Germany-Ghana match at the World Cup had set a record on ESPN for most watched soccer match where USA is not involved.

The MLS is attracting big name players to the league, and though a lot of ground work still remains to be done, there’s no doubt, the sport is having a moment in this country.

While several American players are now plying their trade in major European leagues, which obviously is a major turn on to follow the game, where popularity of soccer in USA has really hit the ground running is in massive broadcasting.

Every Premier League game is now broadcast in the States, with NBS and other popular channels paying astronomical sums to the Premier League annually to air every match of the season.

NBC notes: “This is a very different time in the history of the game in this country.”

Fans are now able to get their hands in buying their favourite club’s replica shirts. According to the biggest replica wholesale site the top 10 most popular replica club jerseys in the United States are:

14/15 Barcelona Home Soccer Jersey Shirt


The Barcelona 14/15 home kit has two blue vertical stripes and three red stripes on the front. The Catalan flag feature on the front of the club’s kit for the first time, and Barcelona’s inspirational motto “ Mes que un club” is printed inside the back of the collar.

14-15 Real Madrid Away Black Champion League Soccer Jersey Shirt


The black shirt with a dragon watermark placed on the front is designed by a Japanese designer Yamamoto, who is known for his attractive soccer products design. The dragon is a symbol of the greatness, glory and power of the club.

14-15 Arsenal Home Soccer Jersey Shirt


The fine blend of red and white colour gives a traditional and classic feel to this Arsenal 14-15 home kit. Red stands for enthusiasm while white symbolises purity. 

14-15 PSG Home Soccer Jersey Shirt


The vertical red and white stripe is the most attractive part of this PSG 14-15 home kit that also feature a unique v-collar. The deep blue colour epitomises the elegance and royal essence the Parisien club represent, red stands for passion and the white stands for respect. 

14-15 Real Madrid Home Soccer Jersey Shirt


The 14-15 Madrid home kit is classical yet stylish. Three black stripes run from the collar to the sleeve on both sides while a narrow pink horizontal line brings a brilliant colour contrast pleasing to the eyes. 

14/15 Borussia Dortmund Home Jersey Shirt


The Dortmund home kit has a nice combination of yellow and black contrast. Two stars appear on the chest of BVB emblem while puma’s logo is visible between two black stripes on the left half. 

14-15 Manchester United Home Jersey Shirt


The 2014-15 Manchester United kit features Chevrolet as sponsor across the front of the jersey for the first time as a part of record breaking £53m-per-year kit deal. 

The kit is red in colour with white collar is Nike’s final release for United as their contract is due to expire at the end of the season.

14-15 Real Madrid Away Pink Soccer Jersey


For the first time in history of Real Madrid, the club has used pink as main colour for their away jersey. Pink as a colour is seldom used as a football kit; therefore the jersey has a distinctive and fresh feel to it. 

14-15 Chelsea Home Soccer Jersey Shirt


The fine use of white strips – three running from the blue round collar to the sleeves on each side, horizontal line on the back, and a white stripe inside the collar – gives a distinctive look on the overall deep blue kit. The jersey is inspired by the kits worn in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 

14-15 Tottenham Hotspur Home Jersey Shirt


The jersey is dedicated to former player and manager Bill Nicholson. He is a legendary figure at the club and 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of his passing away. The shirt feature yellow trim on the new design collar, but the most attractive feature is the navy blue horizontal stripe running across the chest.

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