The 10 Largest Football Fan Communities Online

So, which club do you think has the biggest fan following? Some would say Manchester United, others would say Real Madrid and a few would even say Bayern Munich. There isn’t really a way to find out the exact number of fans of a specific football club… Or is there?

Maybe Facebook can give us a good sample for our “research”. Lets go over to FB and find out the top ten number of members of the official pages of football clubs:

And finally, the football club with the biggest fan following on Facebook is:

There you have it. A rough idea of who has got a bigger fan base throughout the world. At least the part of the world that has spent enough time on Facebook to find the way to their favorite football club’s page.

* The number of fans in the brackets are subject to change. They stand precise down to the units at the time this list was made.

* Feel free to post links to the official Facebook pages of clubs that you think should be included in the list in your comments below.

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