They call football the beautiful game – but part of that beauty is the sport’s unpredictability.

The English Premier League throws up its fair share of upsets, none more so than Leicester City’s momentous title success last season.

With a number of mouth-watering matches ahead in the Premier League this weekend, punters and those keen to have a bet on the outcome of Manchester City vs Liverpool or Stoke City vs Chelsea will be placing their wagers.

It is common knowledge that partnering with a reputable tips partner can reap success and dividends, but most products on the market are based around the predictions and assumptions of one person or a team of people.

This is where Stratatips comes into its own.

The innovative organisation use the knowledge of football traders and analysts, partnering this with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to offer a winning formula.

The return? A handsome return on investment.

Stratatips has a proven track record over time to show just how successful partnering with them can be.



Over the last 90 days, punters who have invested £2000 with the market-leading organisation would now have £3909 – just by following their lead.

While the popularity of the Premier League leads to plenty of football betting on the English game, Stratatips offer content and tips on 5500 games per season across 22 competitions.

There are a number of reasons why this inventive method has worked wonders and returned a handsome investment to customers.

The dual approach of football analysts’ knowledge and the use of AI systems means those that engage the service get the best of both worlds.

A three-stage filtration process ensures that Stratatips have refined and fine-tuned their approach and ensure that no human error creeps into their advice to customers.

All sound good? Want to make some money? Here’s how!

The company’s core product is called StrataBet, where accurate data, mathematical models and multiple liquidity providers are provided for £99 per month.

This delivers all the information you need to make a sensible and successful bet to your fingertips.

However, for all those that want to make big money and fast, the Stratatips service is the way to go.

For £249 per month you will get premium picks for the action ahead, with quality information and predictions on 15-20 games each weekend.

Of late this service has been delivering amazing results, with a 90 per cent return over the capital.

To sweeten the deal, Stratatips are currently running an exclusive offer for new customers, with the first month of the service reduced to £99 per month for the first 30 days.

This excellent introductory offer will give you a taste of the painstaking methods the company has undergone to ensure that your bank balance grows by following their advice.

So, instead of punting in the dark ahead of this weekend’s Premier League action, sign up here and follow in the footsteps of plenty of customers that are almost doubling their investment with Stratatips.